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FAQ: Which Baseball Travel Team to Tryout For?
What Team should My child Sign Up for to Tryout??   8U ...
Striking Out Cancer At the Ballpark Week/Basket Raffle
We are so happy to announce our week long event of "Striking...
G.I.L.L. Travel Tryouts 2020-21 UPDATED
This year's Travel Tryout Schedule: 8U Travel Tryouts are: August...
Both 10U Travel Teams Play in the Orchard Park Tournament
Extremely Proud of our Grand Island boys and Coaches this weekend...
Snack Stand Schedule
Attached is a link to see the snack stand schedule for families that...
Safety Guidelines 2020 Season
2020 Grand Island Little League – Safety Guidelines A...
FAQ: Which Baseball Travel Team to Tryout For?

What Team should My child Sign Up for to Tryout??


8U  Born Between 5/1/2012 and 4/30/2014

9U Born Between 5/1/2011 and 4/30/2012

10U Born Between 5/1/2010 and 4/30/2011

11U Born Between 5/1/2009 and 4/30/2010

13U Born Between 5/1/2007 and 4/30/2009

by posted 08/11/2020
Striking Out Cancer At the Ballpark Week/Basket Raffle

We are so happy to announce our week long event of "Striking Out Cancer Week!"  All this week, starting Monday night, families can visit the snackstand and fill out a paper baseball for who you are "Striking Out Cancer" for.  It can be in memory of a friend or family member, or it could be in honor of a friend or family member who have been affected by this disease.  Those cut outs will be hung on our memory/honor wall for this week and the rest of our season for our community.

Our "Striking Out Cancer Week" will conclude this Saturday, August 15th, with our annual league fundraiser basket raffle, extra jersey/cap sale, and 50/50 raffle.  This event will run alongside our normal league schedule from 9AM to 12:30PM.  As of now, this is a cash only event due to our credit card system still not up yet.  

With the name of this event, we will be giving back to the community with some of the proceeds that are raised going towards the Ride for Roswell.  The Ride for Roswell is celebrating an amazing 25th year, but due to COVID their fundraising and their normal events have been different.

If any families would like to donate a basket or gift certificate for this Saturday, please contact Michael Kwiatkowski at  .

Any basket donations can be dropped off to the snackstand, Monday-Thursday, this week in preparation for our event on Saturday.  The hope is to have a list of baskets on our website Friday night for everyone to see what they could win if they buy raffle tickets. 

On Saturday, we will also have a special National Anthem before our 9AM game and a moment of silence in honor/memory of our loved ones in our community that we may have lost.

This Saturday only, our Snackstand will also have 2 KO combo meals for your tasting. 

For $3.00 you can have either combo:

1) "Stikeout Swinging Special" includes a can of pop or bottled water, hot dog, and bag of chips


2) "Strikeout Looking Special" includes a can of pop or bottled water, hamburger, and a bag of chips.

Hope to see you this Saturday in hopes of making this event a huge success.  Please stop by the snackstand all this week to write a name down for our Memory/Honor Wall for "Striking Out Cancer"

by posted 08/09/2020
G.I.L.L. Travel Tryouts 2020-21 UPDATED

This year's Travel Tryout Schedule:

8U Travel Tryouts are:

August 14th at 5:00PM and August 21 at 5:00PM **Please meet at the batting cages to check in




9U Tryouts are:

August 19th from 4:30-5:30pm (this is because of 6:00PM House games) and August 21st at 5:00PM 

**Please meet at the batting cages to check in



10U Tryouts are:

August 15th at 2PM and August 22nd at 2PM **Please meet at the batting cages to check in



11U Tryouts are:

August 14th at 7PM and August 21 at 7:00PM  **Please meet at the batting cages to check in


13U/14U Hybrid Tryouts are:

 August 22nd at 10am, August 26 at 6PM, and August 31st at 6PM **Please meet at Diamond #1 to check in


**If you would like to have your child try out for any of the teams this year, please fill out this year's tryout form:

2021 Tryout Form

***All Players trying out must wear their house jerseys or a numbered other jersey to evaluated and identified, as well as bring their equipment



2020-2021 Grand Island Baseball Travel Teams

In addition to offering a house league experience for its players, Grand Island Little League sponsors travel teams at the 8U level and up. We are looking and finalizing coaches in certain age areas so a tryout can occur.

This year we are happy to be offering more teams for baseball at more age levels.  For 2021, we are planning teams for 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U and 13U.

Mission Statment:
The goal of the Grand Island Little League Travel Team is teach baseball through teamwork, and working on the values of hard work, dedication, respect, and sportsmenship. 
Being on a youth travel team requires a commitment of both athlete and parent/family. This will include a commitment of both time and money. The commitment to this team is more than to a house team and carries higher expectations. Players selected for this travel team will likely have a few practices in the fall if the weather cooperates. We will then take a break and practices will resume indoors in January. Players must also be committed to playing in a Sunday travel league (Sunday’s in May, June, and July) and attending approximately three weekend tournaments in July (exact locations and dates are not out yet for the 2021 tournament season)
Residency Requirements:
Grand Island Little League is open to all girls and boys who reside in the league chartered boundary. This area includes the Town of Grand Island or the Grand Island School District

by posted 08/07/2020
Both 10U Travel Teams Play in the Orchard Park Tournament

Extremely Proud of our Grand Island boys and Coaches this weekend for participating the Orchard Park Tournament.  Both teams combined to go 5-1 in Pool Play.  The Grand Island Vikings Grey went 3-0 and was placed overall #1 seed in the tournament and played in the Championship Bracket.  The Grand Island Vikings Blue went 2-1 and was tied for sixth in pool play and played in the Gold bracket.

Both teams fell shot in their first round of the rained shorten Championship Sunday, but the Little League is so proud of all the battle and work they put in this weekend.  Great Job Boys, Coaches and Families!

by posted 07/20/2020
Snack Stand Schedule

Attached is a link to see the snack stand schedule for families that are to work the stand and did not opt out of working it.  Any questions please feel free to contact our snackstand manager Sherry Blum. 


Please come to work at your scheudle time, if you need to reschedule please make plans beforehand as volunteers are essential to the stand to be open for the league.  A no call/no show could result in a forfeit of your snack stand fee refund.


Workers must where a mask while working your shift.



7/18 Vinkle (PW BAts)                
7/18 Krieger (PW Bats)                
Week 1:7/20-7/25                
  7/20 7/21 7/22 7/23     7/25  
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday     Saturday  
5:00PM-6:30PM PW Bulls TB Yankees Minors BB Thunder Int BB Mets   8:30AM-10:00AM INT Red Sox: DeLisle/Kish  
  Baumler Lansbrry Schoop 1 Galloway   10:00AM-11:30AM INT BB: Angels **Govern
  Bauman Dunn Lipka Neuhaus     Piotrowski  
  ** Russo 2 Minors SB           INT BB:Mets  
              Uribes/Cassata 1  
6:30PM-8:00PM PW Bats TB Dodgers PW Hot Rods Int BB Rays   11:30AM-1:00PM Minors BB Rockhounds:   
  Masker Organ Clarke Dunn     Chalupka  
  Hutchings Holland 1** Michlin Reid     Schmidt  
  **Semski 1(YJ Int. SB) **Jablonski   **Santill PW Knights   1:00PM-2:30PM** Minors BB: Muckdogs  
  **Nesselbeck **Santillo 2         Vacanti  
            **approx. Minors BB: Lake Monsters  
Week 2: 7/27-8/1                
  7/27 7/28 7/29 7/30     8/1  
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday     Saturday  
5:00PM-6:30PM PW Hooks TB Padres PW Knights Int. BB Mets   8:30AM-10:00AM Majors BB: Dbacks--Watches/Macri  
  Zeitler Fistola Zody Cassata 2   10:00AM-11:30AM INT BB Red Sox  
  Ritch Doeberling Chiddy Beck     Donnelly 2  
6:30PM-8:00PM PW Dash TB Rockies PW River Bandits     11:30AM-1:00PM Minors BB: Rockhounds  
  Chalupka 1 Siekierski White       Rumsey/Bajwa  
  Marra Kramer Hagerty **Russo 1 Minors SB   1:00PM-2:30PM** Minors BB: Lake Monsters  
      **Semski 2(YJ Int SB) **Agnello 2(BB Majors)   **approx. Miller  
        **Simone (PW River Bandits)     Dunets  
Week 3: 8/3-8/8                
  8/3 8/4 8/5 8/6     8/8  
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday     Saturday  
5:00PM-6:30PM PW Bulls TB Yankees PW Lake Mons. Int. SB Aggies:   8:30AM-10:00AM Minors BB:Lake Mons. --Newell/Dunets  
  Black Kilgore Wild Soluri   10:00AM-11:30AM Minors BB:Thunder  
  Burns 1 Peine Weir Caldwell     Uribes 2/Schoop 2  
6:30PM-8:00PM PW Bats TB Dodgers PW Hot Rods Majors BB: Yankees   11:30AM-1:00PM Majors BB: Phillies--Soto/Flynn  
  Galloway Stapleton 1 Marzo Piotrowski   1:00PM-2:30PM** Majors BB: Phillies--DeSantis  
  Majors SB TB Rockies PW Lake Mons. Brant     Majors BB:Dbacks--Bondi  
  Sonntag Kish Mioducki          
Week 4: 8/10-8/15                
  8/10 8/11 8/12 8/13     8/15  
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday     Saturday  
5:00PM-6:30PM PW Hooks TB Padres PW Knights Majors BB: Dbacks   8:30AM-10:00AM
Minors BB: Thunder--DeLisle/Szyprowski
  Drimmer Massaro 1 Muszynski Brzyski   10:00AM-11:30AM Majors BB: Dbacks  
  Domagala TB Yankees Peine Galligan     Miller  
    Dunn         Tyrell 2  
6:30PM-8:00PM PW Dash TB Dodger PW River Bandits Majors BB Pirates   11:30AM-1:00PM Majors BB: Phillies Rogers/Paul  
  Chalupka 2 Stapleton 2 Organ Schoen   1:00PM-2:30PM** Majors BB Yankees: Moran  
  Majors SB: Jayhawks Int SB. YellowJ:Baumler Scarafia Meisel   **approx. Majors SB Jayhawks: McGuire  
  Vacanti **Agnello 1(Int. Angels)            
Week 5: 8/17-8/22                
  8/17 8/18 8/19 8/20     8/22  
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday     Saturday  
5:00PM-6:30PM PW Bulls TB Padres PW Lake Mons. INT SB: Tigers   8:30AM-10:00AM INT SB Tigers: Podlucky/Cassert  
  Burns 2 Reid Wzontek Brundage        
    Massaro 2   Hartman   10:00AM-11:30AM INT SB Tigers: Denning  
              Int SB Yellow J:Dzialak  
6:30PM-8:00PM PW Hooks  TB Rockies: PW Lake Mons. INT SB Gators:   11:30AM-1:00PM INT SB Gators:Neuhaus/Gigliotti 1  
  Holland 2 Sandhu Winfield Fistola   1:00PM-2:30PM** Int SB Yellow J-Sarkes  
**Great Make up week   Ortolano   Yaksich   **approx.    
Week 6:8/24-8/29                
  8/24 8/25 8/26 8/27     8/29  
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday     Saturday  
5:00PM-6:30PM Majors SB LSU Int. BB: Angels PW Knights Int SB Gators   8:30AM-10:00AM Majors SB Yellow J: Maziarz  
  Neuhaus Rajczak Tyrell Gigliotti 2   10:00AM-11:30AM Majors SB Jayhawks:Bolock/Stockinger  
  Gangloff Pettigrew Bagley     11:30AM-1:00PM Majors SB Jayhawks: Rumsey  
6:30PM-8:00PM Majors SB LSU Int. BB: Angels Majors BB Majors BB Dbacks        
  Still Raepple Maziarz Tyrell   1:00PM-2:30PM** Need Help/Make up time  
  Majors SB Yellow J Fittante       **approx.    
Week 7: 8/31                
  8/31 9/1 9/2 9/3        
  Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday        
5:00PM-6:30PM Championship Rain Date
Hopefully bag drop off/clean up
  Night   Sign take down          
  TBD   TBD          
Make Up Shifts                


by posted 07/20/2020
Safety Guidelines 2020 Season

2020 Grand Island Little League – Safety Guidelines

  • A limited number of players will be allowed in the dugout at any given time and must maintain social distancing.  The remaining players will have assigned spots on the bleachers and will also maintain social distancing.  

  • Each inning, coaches will release players into their fielding positions a few seconds apart, to avoid crowding of players at the field entrance. Players should remain seated until called by the coach, to enter the field, and report to their applicable field position.  

  • As advised by Williamsport Little League – players are encouraged to wear cloth face coverings – but it is not required.  Coaches and umpires will also be encouraged to wear face coverings and gloves.  Please refrain from using N-95 masks as they should only be used by healthcare professionals.

  • There is to be no sunflower seeds, gum chewing, or spitting at any time while at Veteran’s Park

  • Each active diamond will have hand sanitizer available for use by palayers and coaches throughout the game.

  • To watch the games, fans are to fill in areas around the diamonds at Vet’s Park – families may sit together; but other spectators must be observe a distance of at least six feet to the nearest fan.

  • When there is the need to share equipment (batting helmets, bats, catcher’s gear, pitcher’s face shields, etc) each diamond – or each team – will have a sprayable Lysol, or other disinfectant, that will applied to the shared equipment prior to the next use.   

  • There will not be any team coolers – each player is advised to bring his/her own supply of water/other drinks.  

  • A reminder to all players and fans – you must take your temperature at home before coming to the park. If your temperature is above 100.4; please stay home.  Players, please remember to let your Head Coach know that you have to miss that day game(s) due to a high temperature.

  • Please note that to begin the season – the SNACK STAND WILL BE LIMITED.  Please plan accordingly, as also please recall that we may need to schedule doubleheaders to insure the most amount of games played.

  • Out of an abundance of caution, baseballs and softballs will be sanitized throughout the play of the game.

  • Whenever possible, players are advised to report to Vet’s Park no more than 30 minutes before their game (if you are the first game of that day – please work with your Head Coach on arrival time).

  • The restrooms will be open under a “one person in at a time policy.”  In addition, wipes and sanitizers should be available.   Please wipe down all areas you touch prior to exiting the restroom.

  • Please note that the Home Plate umpires will be positioned behind the pitcher’s mound/circle.  Base umps, when available will position themselves accordingly for the situation for the next pitch.

  • At most there will be ONE coach from each team and the Umpires for the pregame meeting at home plate.  NO players are to be present for that.  

  • There will be no postgame handshake line – instead, similar to the LLWS – each team will tip their cap to the other in appreciation of the effort given.

Please note that this is obviously a fluid situation – and these rules can be modified at any point due to directives from various regulatory bodies.

Also – as with all activities – not just limited to youth sports or Little League – there is an inherent risk associated with holding organized events.  By allowing participation in GILL, all parties will comply, understand the risk, and accept/waive any potential liability.

We’ll see you at Veteran’s Park soon. 


by posted 06/15/2020
Field Status
Batting Cages - Grand Island OPEN (8/12) 
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